Colocar o bem comum em primeiro lugar e atuar sempre que possível para promovê-lo é dever de todo cidadão responsável.

INSTITUTO PLURIBRASIL publicly expresses its repudiation of Gypsy-phobic acts of physical and verbal violence directed at the Gypsy community in Vitória da Conquista-BA, where GENERALIZING and mistaken words promote prejudice and ethnic-racial discrimination against ALL Gypsies, without distinction. The information released by the media and associations that there were conflicts between Roma and the police leaves us perplexed, even more so knowing that lives were taken. According to a public note issued by the State Association of Gypsy Ethnicities, headquartered in the State of Mato Grosso, immediately after the conflict, the military police began “a real hunt and killing of all Roma families in the city and region”, with invasions from homes, illegal arrests, threats, car burning and other violent and illegal actions. Other reports indicate that 15 people, including a 14-year-old teenager, were shot and six men from the community were murdered. Under the light of Law and Justice, we understand that if someone commits a crime, that someone must pay for their mistake, however we consider it an inhumane and criminal act, subject to severe punishment, the propagation of irresponsible generalizations that affect the lives of innocent people. The mistaken maxim that “if a Gypsy has done something wrong then all Gypsies must pay” must be immediately repressed lest further HATE and INJUSTICE be promoted against any Gypsy person. The reports and images circulating on social networks show COWARD ATTACKS AGAINST GYPSY FAMILIES WHO ARE NOT INVOLVED IN THE CONFLICTS THAT HAVE HAPPENED WITH THE POLICE FORCES, and did not even have a close relationship with the individuals involved in these conflicts. Brazil is formed by a multi-ethnic, plural population of different colors and origins. If for every crime committed by individuals from a certain group, generalized actions of police retaliation are taken against everyone belonging to that group, we will not survive. It is a state of madness that would compromise the suitability of the police forces. As an institution dedicated to the defense of life, justice and security, we express our feelings to the families of those who lost their lives in this sad episode, both the noble policemen and the suffering Gypsy community. We hope that tempers will calm down and that anyone who has committed excesses, regardless of whether they are police officers, ordinary civilians or members of the communities, will be exemplarily punished, so that similar cases do not recur. We suggest to the media and the Military Police of the State of Bahia to seek better training on the ethnic diversity that makes up the spectrum of Roma communities. Using the ethnonyms “Gypsy” in headlines (“Gypsies killed”, “Gypsies arrested”, “Gypsies fled”) only contributes to the perpetuation of the stigmatization of Roma people. Training is also necessary for police officers to learn to contextualize their approaches in relation to minority cultures, mainly because the State of Bahia is marked by an expressive population of Roma ethnicity. No further, INSTITUTO PLURIBRASIL TEAM

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